On the US election

The election of Donald Trump, an unpredictable demagogue who has run an openly racist anti-immigrant election campaign, is shocking. Trump himself has drawn parallels between the Presidential election campaign and Brexit in the UK. No doubt some on the Right in the UK and throughout Europe will feel emboldened by Trump’s election. This is a dangerous period in history that we are now in. We must, however, face it ‘with sober senses’, not with kneejerk reactions. The Brexit vote and the Trump vote were not straightforward anti-immigrant votes (see e.g.: http://www.thecanary.co/…/now-finally-know-real-reason-bre…/ ).

Already we can see parallels between the anti-working-class reaction to the election of Trump and the reaction to the Brexit vote. Those ‘cosmopolitans’ who blame ordinary working people as ‘stupid’, or ‘deplorables’ or ‘racists’ are elitist (see e.g.: http://www.newstatesman.com/world/north-america/2016/11/voting-trump-and-brexit-what-working-class-revolt-really-about ). This kind of contempt for ordinary working people is one of the reasons why many ordinary working people voted Brexit/Trump. It should be condemned.

Anyone who is interested in human freedom needs to work hard to drive a wedge between the Right and ordinary working-class people. Blaming ordinary working people is a barrier to that.

Ordinary working people are sick of austerity. They are sick of a remote political class who cares nothing for the reality of most ordinary people’s existence. Trump, Teresa May and other political leaders in the West will not be able to reverse austerity without attacking the living standards of ordinary working people. Instead of looking to the lesser evil (the EU/Hilary Clinton or whatever), elites who present themselves as voices of the oppressed (Trump in the USA, Podemos in Spain, the SNP in Scotland) or reheated state socialism (Corbyn in the UK, Sanders in the USA) we need to build an independent alternative that puts human freedom centre stage (see e.g. http://www.marxisthumanistinitiative.org/…/the-extraordinar…).

One way we can start to make the case for human freedom is to make the case for working-class support for open borders. As that old German poltical exile in London once put it ‘workers of all countries unite’.


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